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By popular demand, award-winning manipulator and illusionist James Dimmare offered to take the members of The Magic Castle and their guests on a magical journey to the South Seas as he took over the Palace of Mystery during the first full week this past March and presented his amazing and amusing Swingin’ Taki-Tiki Martini Lounge Show.

Dimmare filled the stage with a unique tour of comedy, magical mystery, hard-swinging music and remarkable illusion, all staged to the throbbing drums of the South Sea islands. In addition to converting the Palace into his personal party playroom, Dimmare featured brand new magical surprises for Castle audiences, including a special return appearance by that self-absorbed shagadelic swinger, that magician with the mojo, that pop-culture prestidigitator the incomparable Awesome (Magic) Powers.

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James Dimmare, who has won international acclaim with his famed dove manipulation act and stylish presentation of illusions combining dance, romance and mystery, is the recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts’ Stage Magician of the Year Award, the only two-time winner of the Siegfried and Roy Lion’s Head Award, and is the recipient of scores of accolades from around the world. But during that week, the party was the thing, and the Swingin’ Taki-Tiki Martini Lounge Show once again featured giveaways for the ladies, special drinks created just for the occasion, and a dozen eye-popping miracles. Not only that, but as the Swingin’ Taki-Tiki Martini Lounge was opened the week of The Magic Castle’s own Mardi Gras celebration, it means that party extended throughout the club, all week long!

Magic Tiki God

On Mardi Gras Party Night, the guests felt free to break out their Hawaiian shirts, sarongs and other island attire as your costume for this festive occasion. By the time the night was over, they truly believed they had been transported to an exotic locale where the women are beautiful, the atmosphere balmy and the magic a metamorphosing experience!

A whirl wind Journey of a everything that was fun and cool in great eras gone by, with the timing and panache of now. Whether it be an up-tempo song and dance number with some sexy Army Girls, or a romantic scene set to Island drums and fire dancers, The Rat Pack “antics” of the show, allow for "Never a dull moment... why this show has everything except a juggler and a mime. Two things Dimmare can not do.... What he can do is keep one upping himself to empress the girls.....

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